Chanbysoogil is a pre-order system. We regularly update our menu every FRIDAY. ‼️Our delivery dates have been changed ⁣to accommodate the opening of indoor dining; the updates are as follows:


⁣✔️Wednesday: Upper West, Midtown West, Chelsea, Tribeca, Financial District  Lower East Side, East Village, Midtown East, Upper East (less than 100st), Long Island City, Roosevelt Island  


✔️Thursday-Friday: ONLY BBQ KIT available for delivery & pick up 


We would greatly appreciate if you would check these out and keep in mind these updates. If you live on the west side, please check the delivery date. 


In addition, in order to use the most fresh & good quality ingredients, the Meal Plan price will be flexible, ranging from $80 to $100 depending on the menu composition. Thank you very much for your patience and support. ❤️

Your food will be delivered between 2-6pm on your chosen date.

If you have any food ingredient allergies, please leave us a memo when you place an order. For catering or special orders, Please contact us.


We deliver in Manhattan up to the 100th street and to the Long Island City & Roosevelt Island area.